July 23, 2024

Best Home Decor Tips

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Best Home Decor Tips

Who hasn’t ever felt that their home is not as beautiful as the rest? We all have, because it is inevitable to look at other people’s houses and find out certain types of decorative tricks that our house doesn’t have. However, not all is lost, since you always have time to reinvent the decoration of your home and turn it into a much more elegant and welcoming place.

In the past, decoration was governed by fashions and by what the great furniture and fabric manufacturers did; if that decade they only made brown furniture and took away the lace curtains, surely all the new houses of that time period would end up having a decoration of that type. However, now all that has changed and everyone has thousands of decoration options at their fingertips; any style and any mix of elements between them is valid.

The big multinational decoration companies, such as Ikea, have managed to make the task of creating a home possible for any type of family: rich, poor, hippie, classic, retro or hipster. It doesn’t matter what you are and what you are looking for, because now the possibilities are infinite, and what is better, they are very affordable.

For that reason and to help you in the task of your home repair, we are going to give you a series of key tips to enhance the beauty of your home. Because every home has something special and the key to finding it has always been and will be decoration.

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Best home decor tips

The magic of mirrors

You may think this is a very traditional resource, since in the old days there were always many mirrors in houses, but the truth is that a strategically placed mirror can completely transform a space.

If, for example, we place a series of three frameless mirrors on the entrance wall, we will be bringing dynamism and space to a place that is usually quite narrow and boring.

On the other hand, if what we want is to extend the sensation of space of a small room with a view to the street and to promote its entrance of natural light, we will have to place a rectangular mirror standing on the wall that faces the window; the light from the outside will be projected on it and the reflection of the street will extend the sensation of general space.

Art as a message

It is clear that the main function of art is to decorate the places where it is exhibited, whether it is a painting or a sculpture, but today we can also go further and use more modern artistic resources that will fill every corner of our house with charm and meaning.

Nowadays art prints are very fashionable, that is, digital illustrations printed on high quality paper that we can later frame to decorate our house. There are many online platforms where we can get some of this type of film, such as Etsy or Amazon, all very cheap and with a wide variety of themes to choose from.

On the other hand, we can also choose to fill some wall of our house with a lettering in relief of some phrase that we like a lot, like for example: “Home is where your heart is”, in black relief and of the optimal size to occupy the center of a great wall of dining room. Without a doubt, we will be giving a totally innovative touch to our house while supporting independent art.

Give your old furniture a second chance

I’m sure you have some antique furniture that you’re not sure what to do with. The most normal thing would be to discard it and change it for a new, more modern piece of furniture from a current store, but if the idea is to innovate and give a more personal touch to your home, the best option for that piece of furniture may be to restore it on your own.

If it is an antique wooden chest of drawers that has been in our home for years, we can try to put into practice one of the most famous and simple decoration trends of the moment: the use of chalk painting.

This type of painting is very versatile and easy to use, since thanks to its great covering capacity and the speed of its drying it will allow us to give a new opportunity to our furniture and to contribute them a totally renewed aspect.

Garlands are not only for Christmas

There are many people who still believe that filling the house with garlands and colorful lights is something that can only be done during the Christmas season, but the truth is that it is not: garlands are a perfect complement to create atmosphere in our home and suitable for every day of the year.

Although, not all the garlands are valid for it, since to have full the dining room of bulbs led of all the colors is not too innovative and it will not contribute anything new to that stay. The idea is to place small decorative garlands in strategic places in the house (and they can be turned off most of the time), such as a shelf where we have a plant, figures or photographs; the garlands will make that corner more visible and fill it with light and charm at night.

The shoes are also decoration

There is something that we all have in our homes that we never know where to place: shoes. It is undeniable that shoes are not exactly the most beautiful and decorative thing in the universe, but if we know how to place them and use the right accessories, that could change.

Nowadays there are a thousand different types of shoemakers, suitable for all types of families and any space; they can be useful to arrange the shoes of a large family, as to keep hidden the collection of heels of a single woman in love with fashion.

The key is to choose the furniture that best suits the overall decoration of your home. If, for example, you have light wood furniture and completely white walls, you could look for a wooden shoe rack with hidden drawers; it will keep your shoes hidden and will be one more element within the decoration.